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The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to let you know what kind of information we (Lucayan Lottery) may gather about you, how we may use and process the information, whether we disclose it to anyone, and the choices you have regarding our use of the information. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. If you are not in agreement with this Privacy Policy or have any doubts please do not register or use this website. Terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meaning as they do in the Terms and Conditions, if not defined differently.
As a user of the website you will be asked to provide us with personal data or personal information, such as your name, date of birth, address, email address, telephone number and payment details, for example during the registration process, the purchase process or when interacting with our customer service. We will use the data you provide to process your order. All information provided by you will be treated securely and strictly in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. We may validate your name, date of birth, address and other personal information supplied by you during the registration process. Your concerns will be considered in accordance with statutory provisions. By registering and opening your Player Account you accept the conditions of this Privacy Policy and you consent to such checks being made. To manage the administration of the services we provide and for processing your orders – to facilitate players' bets, to process payments, to pay out winnings properly, to protect you and us (including subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies) from fraud, to provide customer support – as well as for other purposes referred to in this Privacy Policy and the Lucayan Lottery’s Terms and Conditions, your personal data, name, date of birth, address, email address, telephone number, and payment details, as well as other information or proof of identity, copies of your official identification documents, possibly required at a later date, will be collected, transferred, used, stored and processed by us. Any further transmission of this data will not take place, with exception of certain cases, where the transmission of the identity documents to companies, which are assigned to either validate your customer data or to the insurance of your winnings, is necessary.
Please note that we may send you important emails concerning (amongst other things) your use of the website, offered products and services, updates on technical issues or matters arising from compliance with our legal or regulatory duties (system generated emails) such as confirmations of registration, confirmations of order, or winnings notifications. The system generated emails are an integral part of the website and its services, and cannot be opted-out of, until and unless your Player Account has been cancelled or terminated. All emails will be sent to the address you have provided us. Please ensure that the email address we hold for you is kept up-to-date and that you have full access to it. If you change email address, then you must inform us of the new address using your Player Account. We take appropriate technical and organisational measures to guard against unauthorised or unlawful processing of your personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, your personal data. All relevant security measures to protect the relevant database are constantly monitored. However, we are only liable for breaches of security in cases of gross negligence and only in accordance with the restrictions provided in the Terms and Conditions. We ask you to keep your Player name, your Player Account number and your password in a safe location. You are responsible for all activities implemented on your Player Account.
During your online transactions your personal data will be transmitted encrypted at all times. SSL technology enables automatic encryption (scrambling) of all data processed via our website.
We will retain your personal data only as long as is necessary for providing products and services, or as required by applicable law. We will not transmit or disclose your personal data to third parties, except in the cases described above, in the context of a joint venture, in relation to a forecast or actual sale or other transfer of the entire business or parts of the business or if we are compelled to do so by law, or receive a valid, legally compliant request by a law enforcement or governmental authority. We may need to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. In such an event, we will post the new version on the website. The new version of the Privacy Policy will take effect immediately upon its publication on the Website (or at any other point of time published on the Website). You are responsible for knowing the latest version of this Privacy Policy. You are entitled to inspect your personal data provided to us for free at any time. In addition you may ask us to conduct necessary changes to ensure that your data is correct and up-to-date. To inspect, change, delete, or correct your identity and contact information, please log in to your Player Account.
Lucayan Lottery is committed to the enforcement of fraud and money laundering legislation and to compliance with the terms and conditions of our licence. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that fraud or money laundering or any other offence is being committed or at risk being committed by you or by other persons through use of your Player Account, we may, at our sole discretion, provide the relevant regulator or authorised law enforcement agency with your personal data, to the extent that it relates to the commission of an offence under any applicable legislation or code of practice, including an offence resulting from a breach of a licence condition or a code provision having the effect of a licence condition, or which we suspect may lead the regulator to make an order to void any bet which you have placed.
If you have any other questions about the handling or protection of your personal data, please contact our Customer Service. A written enquiry should be addressed by email or by using our contact form.
We are committed to ensuring all our players enjoy our products responsibly. We don’t want you to spend more than you can afford and we want you to stay in control.
Betting is a fun activity to be enjoyed sensibly. It stops being fun as soon as it starts affecting your life in a negative way. Don’t spend more than you can afford and always stay within your means. The options listed below are there to help you stay in control.
Upon registration every player is asked to enter the maximum amount they wish to spend at Lucayan Lottery in a day. You can change this limit at any time by going to your account and editing accordingly.
Should you wish to take a break from Lucayan Lottery just go to your account, click edit on account status, select ‘temporary suspension’ and press ‘submit’. Your account will be automatically blocked for six months.
If you want to leave Lucayan Lottery permanently go to your account, click edit on account status, select ‘delete account’ and press ‘submit’.
We operate a strict policy on underage players and ensure all our players are over 18. We carefully verify every new player at registration to ensure they are old enough to join.
For adults that share their computers with minors, we recommend installing Net Nanny™ (freeware) or the Parental Control Bar™ filter.
Lucayan Lottery can be contacted at the address and telephone numbers listed above and via e-mail at the address listed on the

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