Lucayan Lottery does not offer compensation when our terminals are down as neither you nor LL make any money. We cannot compensate for non-sales.

I am interested in getting a second terminal at my location, what should I do?

We will then review your request to see if you meet the minimum standards for a second terminal and reply to you by phone or mail to let you know if you have qualified or not.

You will first need to send us a letter stating your full name, business name, address, phone number. We will then do a pre-screening of your business address to determine if a terminal is needed in that area. If one is required, we will then carry out an evaluation of your business to see if it meets the minimum standards. We would also request a Technical Evaluation to be done by our technology service provider, UTS/Chippie, to see if there is a strong enough signal in the area. If all these requirements are met we will then make a decision to determine whether or not to install the terminal at your business place.

Do an adjustment within the half an hour window that is available on the terminal to do so, if possible.

Your winning ticket is just like money, so treat it with care in the same manner that you would treat your money with care. Unfortunately we would not be able to validate that ticket simply because it has been mutilated.

A ticket is a bearer instrument (it is like cash), so that means anyone that has the winning ticket in his/her possession is the owner of the ticket and so will be able to cash that ticket.

Winnings can be collected at Lucayan Lottery main location in Cash at values up to $2,000 per day for jackpots over $2,000.

Fixed Odds Betting is wagering or betting against on odds of an event or activity, with a fixed outcome. In this instance we speak of betting on the outcome of various sporting activities (e.g. betting on the outcome of a football match: win, lose or draw)

The minimum bet for numbers $1.00

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